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MyGreenFills has revolutionized the cleaning industry with safe, non-toxic products delivered in refillable & sustainable packaging solutions for over 5 years.  In 2012, Ruth joined forces with Stephen Ezell (CEO) – a passionate entrepreneur and green philanthropist looking to bring positive change to the world. Together, they’ve disrupted the industry – shipping non-toxic solutions to markets, hotels, and homes across the nation.

Dryer sheets are the most common way to transform the way your clothes smell! And, unfortunately, most dryer sheets are loaded with toxic chemicals — or if natural, they are usually “meh” in terms their effectiveness.
Dryer Angels™️ are a better solution — and the best of both worlds. They ONLY contain our exclusive blend of essential oils (Vanilla, Lemongrass, Rose, Lilac, Lillies, Orange, Bergamot), corn kernels, and lots of love.


Green Fills never uses artificial fragrances, chemical surfactants, petroleum-based carriers, optical brighteners, or dyes. In fact, for those with a sensitivity of certain essential oils, we offer 100% hypoallergenic unscented options

Non Toxic

Green Fills uses revolutionary non-toxic chemistry technology to create the safest and most effective non-toxic products on the planet!
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MyGreenFills.com offers refillable, safe, sustainable, non-toxic replacements to virtually everything in your home- but they also do so much more...

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The #1 Thing you can do to protect your family from viruses is 

"According to the CDC, World Health Org and countless Medical Institutions you only need to wash your hands for a minimum of thirty seconds to keep viruses away!"

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